deep in the dark


this is a simple repository for

Things What I Makes.

there are here

⌛ profile codes
⌛ icons
⌛ potentially other graphics
⌛ fanfic of things like

❄ Final Fantasy
❄ Kingdom Hearts
❄ Legend of Zelda
❄ and other silly video games

⌛ and hopefully more things as I get better at coding and the photoshops

with the exception of the fanfic, everything is free for anyone else to use. place it on your profiles, upload it for your icons, make it into your headers, modify it as you will. credit is nice but not required. comments are nicer but also not required. have fun, kittuns!
wrack and ruin


I actually made these weeks ago, but. procrastinated posting on them. ah well. Cecil is next (yaaaay!) and I threw in the wallpaper currently decorating my desktop, just for kicks and because this post is so laaaaate.

also, icon #17 is possibly the best thing I have made to date.

Twenty-one (21) Kain Highwind (Final Fantasy IV) Icons
One (1) Final Fantasy VI Wallpaper


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wrack and ruin


I meant to get these done earlier but. life. also I was learning how to use CSS some. but anyhow, the promised Rydia icons! Kain is next.

Eighteen (18) Rydia (Final Fantasy IV) Icons


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wrack and ruin


Rosa is my favorite FFIV lady, and one of my favorites in the whole series. crossposted like a mother; sorry to anyone who sees this a billion times.

Twelve (12) Rosa (Final Fantasy IV) icons


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